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About this Fintech Symposium

Financial technology is reshaping the financial landscape and redefining the business model around the world today.  This disruption technology will change our understanding of financial industry tomorrow.  It is changing the ways in which financial institutions deliver and customers obtain financial services.  For the past two years, the term ‘Fintech’ took to the airwaves, pre-empting the global financial sector, to focus on the thread posed by technology enabled firms or how institutions are creating new applications, mobile interface and other digital experiences, thus an accelerating transformation is under way.

This symposium provides a platform which brings together academics, creative entrepreneurs, visionary industrial experts and forward-looking policymakers to discuss and exchange intellectual ideas on this game changer.  It also aligns with the direction to develop Hong Kong as the major Fintech hub.  The ideas exchange among various international and local institutions can definitely provide inspiration and insight for further research activities and collaboration between the academia and the industry.